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Welcome to Smart Partitions

We're currently in the process of building our brand new website. In the meantime if you would like to talk to someone to make an enquiry, you can do so using the contact form below.

Who we are.

Smart Partitions UK Ltd was established in 2000 after we had been in dry construction for over 10 years working as a sub contractor for some of the largest companies across the UK and Europe.

We have now completed many contracts since 2000 and now specialise in all aspects of interior and exterior finishing.

With an ever increasing client base and product range we will be pleased to help with any queries or questions regarding any of our current jobs/contracts or future projects.

We currently work in most areas and are always willing to look at every job no matter how large, small or awkward they may be.

We also carry out complete refurbishment including all aspects of work from damp repairs, fire damage and insurance works to a small rip out and refit.

We carry out complete re design and refit of large works.

We are increasingly becoming involved in the supply of insulation thermal and sound many companies are now relying on smart partitions to make their thermal and sound insulation works as it should and meets all regulations and requirements.




Thank you for completing our last job prior to the agreed finishing date, once again you and your team have done a splendid job! We have had an extremely good working relationship over the years and are looking forward to building on this in years to come.–Pursuit Properties Ltd